Welcome to personalitycourses.com, a website for online English coaching, online English teaching. The importance of this program is to benefit the students, professionals, elderly and even the homemakers who hesitate to join classes in coaching centers.

English is an International language and is spoken all over the world. In fact, in today’s world speaking English has become necessity. Moreover with the globalization of trade, commerce and new avenues of employments in BPO’s and multinational companies the importance of fluent spoken English has grown immensely being the international link language. Most of the people lack the requisite skills in the spoken English while conversing in different situations in day to day life. The proper grasping of model conversation is being taught here to help you immensely to overcome the weaknesses. The objective of our session is to make you speak English without fear or hesitation and without any grammatical errors.


English Spoken Course Basic

English Spoken

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence Structure
  • Pronunciation
  • Hesitation Removal
  • Public Speaking
  • Extempore Skills
  • 3 Months Course
  • Course Fees Rs4500
  • Option to pay in 3 installments

Advanced English Course

Advanced English

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Hesitation Removal
  • Public Speaking
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Extempore
  • Fluency in Speaking
  • 1 Month course
  • Course Fee Rs 1500

Test Course

Test Course Heading

  • Test Course

The session will be through video conferencing, a live interactive session where students can see the teacher, practice language with the teacher, ask questions and talk about practical topics and current events. The teaching program will be like a class room where students can learn while sitting at their own place without wasting their commuting time and money.
Classes are grouped according to the students’ level of comprehension so that to get personalized attention. Forget the traditional methods and learn English, the smart way. So if you are looking for the program on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH AND PERSONIFY YOURSELF, all you need to do is register now and get on the road to the professional success.